Víctor Manuel Dapena – Trade Representative Colombia


Victor has been a passionate and experienced business ambassador for the island of Curaçao for the past 15 years.

He has been instrumental in bringing business partners together to develop sales campaigns and in educating and equipping Colombian travel agents to sell.

To request a training session, material or any information on doing business with Curaçao:

Contact details:

Whatsapp: +57 310 4450435

Janaina de Araujo – Trade Representative Brazil


Janaina de Araujo is our Trade Representative for Brazil, based in São Paulo, our focal point for tourist arrivals from Brazil. 

By participating in tasks, projects, initiatives, campaigns and events, she shares her commitment to continue driving the growth of the Brazilian market for Curaçao. 

To request a training session, material or any information about the island in Portuguese, contact her:

Contact details:

Whatsapp: +55 11 94758 1630

Marco Leal – Trade Representative Venezuela


Marco is well versed in connecting Venezuela and Curaçao through valuable commercial networks, airline connectivity and investment opportunities.

When it comes to developing tourism, Marco works in close collaboration with Mayors, Travel Agencies and the hotels of the island to sell packages. 

Do not hesitate to contact Marco:

Contact details:

Whatsapp: +1 786 219 9316

Iris Carrasco – Trade Representative Conosur

South America

Our Trade Representative Iris Carrasco can be described as an energetic and big fan from the island of Curaçao. She is our Trade Representative for South America, headquartered in Buenos Aires – Argentina. 

It develops our traffic and interests in Argentina, Chile and Uruguay. Her tasks include educating, conducting training sessions and promoting bookings and sales from these countries.

If you are from one of these countries and would like to receive more details on how Curaçao can adapt to its next customers, contact her through:

Contact details:

Whatsapp: +54 9 11 2361 7320

Wilma Gonzalez – MICE & Trade Coordinator

South America

“Curaçao, a Caribbean Island paradise with beaches, culture, and adventure for all. What else could you ask for?”

Her tourism career began at just 18 as a flight attendant for ALM/KLM, where she gained her first taste of adventure. At 21 years old she transitioned to the hotel industry at Curaçao Caribbean Hotel, starting in food and beverage before rapidly advancing in sales, marketing, operations, groups & events. With this broad expertise under her belt, she was ready for her next challenge – joining the Curaçao Tourist Board as MICE and Trade Coordinator for South America and the Caribbean. Her early industry experiences ignited a passion to continue her career further in Tourism.

Swaying palm trees, bright turquoise waters, and island breezes – this is her home, the vibrant island of Curaçao. As a local, she’s blessed to wake up each morning surrounded by the island’s captivating blend of history, culture, and natural beauty. Curaçao just has a way of bringing out the best in you. Its energy recharges her spirit and fills her with gratitude. This island truly feels like home, and she couldn’t imagine being anywhere else.

Contact details:

Phone: +5999 461 8200 ext 213